The gig economy is great — until it isn’t

It’s Time to Take the “Free” Out of Freelancing; Woman stands on bridge in London
It’s Time to Take the “Free” Out of Freelancing; Woman stands on bridge in London
Photo by Luigi Manga on Unsplash

The gig economy is heralded as representing the best of the 21st century: connecting people through decentralized platforms of trust, unlimited flexibility and potential, harnessing the power of user-generated data, leveling the playing field and enabling anyone to be an entrepreneur, and real-time and customized solutions for customer needs.

If only that were always the case.

I took on my first freelance client a couple years ago. I started doing a little searching on Google on what guidelines to use in setting a rate for myself. …

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Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

This is a letter I wrote last week for America. It’s about debt, and government, and power. Hence I understand if you don’t want to read it. I hope some of you do though. It’s about something that is incredibly important and that will affect your life. However, I also know there are more important things in life like love and gratitude and friendship, and I hope we can consider these more political sorts of issues without them consuming us.

My recommendation if you are an average citizen: read this, understand it, and move on with your life and try to be happy.

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I am on a journey of sorts. A falling down and falling up. A re-sorting. A crisis and catharsis.

I have not arrived yet, and may never entirely do so. But I believe I have found some morsels of wisdom and hope.

I wish I could simply proclaim, “This is the meaning of life! …” and be done! If only it were that easy. We will turn to such questions in time. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. If everything is in question, then first we must establish how to interpret things themselves.

I have been blogging about this journey of looking at some of those building blocks of reality. In my last post, I basically concluded that this world is real (basic, yes, but an important first step). Today, I want to consider what truth really is — to help identify what we are seeking. My next post will be exploring the processes we use to arrive at truth — in other words, trying to answer the question of how do we know things to be true. …

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Photo by Julien Lin on Unsplash

I’m one of those people who ponder the meaning of life. And if the end goal is to understand what it’s all about, the starting point must be to address what “it” is.

Now, the question of reality might seem pretty obvious. I mean, reality is simply reality, get on with it, right? Maybe. Probably.

It’s likely not something you think about much. We kind of need to take the “realness” of our world for granted for daily life functioning. But it’s not something I wanted to take for granted, since so much hinges on it. And what if our assumptions of what reality is, ingrained over the years because of their being taken for granted, are wrong? How would we know? …


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